Caring For Your Landscape

At Landscapes by Dallas Foster, we truly believe the greatest joy in our job is working with nature, and sharing our love of nature with our clients.  We encourage everyone we meet to take ownership in their property and landscape and to learn more about nature through firsthand experience.  Below, we have provided a few resources to help you learn more about the beauty you can find and create in your own home or business.

Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus

Purdue University Garden Publications

Perennial Plant Association

Indiana Nursery & Landscape Association

Indianapolis Landscape Association

Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder


"Dallas Foster was hired to take part in the restoration of the home located at 600 State Street in Lawrenceville, Illinois. The home holds a special place in the history of Golden Rule. It was the residence of our company's founders and the site of the first office from 1940 to 1961. On our renovation project, Dallas was instrumental in developing a plan for the homes grounds. He then landscaped the grounds accordingly and followed the project through to the last detail. Dallas and his crew delivered excellent results, exceeding all of our expectations."

– Golden Rule
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