Caring For Your Landscape

At Landscapes by Dallas Foster, we truly believe the greatest joy in our job is working with nature, and sharing our love of nature with our clients.  We encourage everyone we meet to take ownership in their property and landscape and to learn more about nature through firsthand experience.  Below, we have provided a few resources to help you learn more about the beauty you can find and create in your own home or business.

Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus

Purdue University Garden Publications

Perennial Plant Association

Indiana Nursery & Landscape Association

Indianapolis Landscape Association

Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder


"As a landscaper in Southern Indiana, he is without parallel in his artistic approach, which gives each application of his talent a distinctive natural beauty that sets it apart in the community as a work of art and beauty. Dallas has captured the upper end private and commercial market in our area for a variety of reasons. Without his influence, my gardens, our parks and other projects wouldn't have that extra edge, that WOW factor which distinguishes them as the pinnacle of creative beauty. As a regional landscaper with several national awards for his designs, you will never regret your decision to let Dallas Foster create your new landscape."

– Dr. Frank Emert, Wabash Valley Eye Center
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